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Amy Tan travels down the path of creativity in effortless style with her son Jack in tow! Known for her crafty DIY website and blog, and author of the beloved and inspirational book ‘Craft A Life You Love’, Amy continues to inspire with her beautiful art and special scrapbook skills. The 2nd Edition of her book launches this spring with a complete and colorful makeover! It’s been updated with another chapter called ‘Crafting Your Passions’ plus, its full of color on the inside! This talented mom does it all. But what keeps her going is capturing those special moments, printing the photos and creating a scrapbook to relive them all over again. It’s like freezing that moment in time! We are so excited for Amy’s future projects including a capsule collection with, which features a lot of her original watercolor art and drawings. It will be available on their site and Amazon just in time for Back-to-school!

MINI MAVEN: We simply adore your book ‘Craft A Life You Love’! What was your inspiration behind the book? What message do you hope to get across to your readers and craft makers?

AMY TAN: I was inspired to write the book because I wanted to share my story and creative path alongside some practices that have helped me in my journey. By sharing my struggles and stories, I was hoping to inspire people to get their creative juices flowing. Infusing creativity, fun, and intention into the everyday is something I feel passionate about. Having a tangible book people can reference as opposed to multiple blog posts or even a series of YouTube videos made the most sense, so I self-published and released it in January 2017. It hit #1 in two categories on Amazon and got the attention of publishers. I got a literary agent, and then a couple months later I signed with Abrams!

MM: Tell us about your new scrapbook line!

AT: My collaboration with American Crafts has been ongoing since 2011. We release two collections per year, and the latest is called Sunshine and Good Times. It’s bright, whimsical, and fun – perfect for documenting everyday memories. There are icons like cameras, butterflies and birds. One of my favorite new products is the card kit. It comes with great patterns and options for you to make a cute handmade card in just minutes.

MM: What do you love most about scrapbooking?  Any tips for creating the perfect scrapbook?

AT: Honestly, I love everything about it. I love capturing the moments, printing the photos, and then the process of creating the scrapbook layout. It’s as if I get to relive the memories again and again. It’s the best way to freeze a moment and then share it with others when they flip through the album. It’s so special watching peoples’ faces light up as they thumb through the pages.

MM: Is there a favorite scrapbook that you have?

AT: One of my favorites is Jack’s baby album. At the time I didn’t think I was documenting enough and I didn’t go all in chronological order at first, but seeing it in the album makes me really appreciate the fact that I took the time to do it, even while I was sleep deprived. Our hobbies are really important to not lose sight of and as a new mom, I would often just steal 10 minutes here and there to get something down on paper. It would take days to finish a layout sometimes, but now when we look back on them, we are so grateful to have it documented.

MM: How do children inspire your creativity and the projects you take on?

AT: Oh they inspire so much! Before I had Jack, I scrapbooked for clients with kids and loved it. It’s amazing

how quickly time flies, so being able to capture memories that they can look back on and cherish is

something I enjoy so much.

MM: Does your son like to scrapbook?

AT: He definitely offers to help with art projects and says that he wants to help me “work”. It’s really cute. He’s into drawing and putting the photos we print out on sticker paper in notebooks. He for sure is making something and enjoying the process, I am just not sure I would call it scrapbooking just yet.

MM: Do you have any workshops coming up this summer that our readers can attend, US too please?

AT: Yes – I have some coming up in Hawaii and elsewhere. I list the events on the sidebar of my blog,, so be sure to check that out!

MM: Any big projects coming down the pipeline for later this year that you can share or tell us about?

AT: Yes, a really big collaboration I am super excited about. It will be released in June and has a lot of my original watercolor art and drawings on. Ok, ok, I will just tell you. It’s a capsule collection with Avery! It will be available on their site and Amazon just in time for back-to-school!

MM: What’s your fashion style? Please don’t leave out any details.

AT: Comfort to me is key, but I like to look cute. I also tend to either go super colorful or just simple black, white and heather grey.

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