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Inspired by her travels and children, Raneem Ead shares her latest luxury swimwear collection with us!!! Lebanon raised and now a Miami native, Raneem plunges into the season with her signature suits, all appealing to your mini fashionistas personality and style. With contrast colors and darling details, it is hard to narrow down our favorites!

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KYMBERLY MARCIANO: How did you first become involved in kids fashion and swimwear?

RANEEM EAD: Growing up, I always had a special interest in fashion. After having my first girl, I started to express some of my fashion interest into dressing her up. However, I came to realize that the options for stylish, trendy, and quality kids swimwear are limited. So I decided to start my own collection.

KM: You are the mother of two beautiful girls! How have they inspired your darling designs? Do they love to swim?

RE: Living in Miami, my two girls grew up on the beach.They love to swim. In fact they never want to leave the water! They love to dance, paint and they are very girly. That manifested in my designs and my choice of colors.

KM: What inspires you the most?

RE: My two daughters, Sophia and Julia are my biggest inspiration. Also my personal experiences in travels and exposure to different cultures.

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KM: How has travel influenced your brand?

RE: Traveling to different destinations around the world exposed me to a variety of fashion types, beaches and ideas. These experiences played a big role in my design creations.

KM: Walk us through your design process? What’s a typical day like for you?

RE: After a busy morning with the kids, I start collecting a variety of inspiring pictures and fabric swatches. Then, I proceed to do sketches of different designs. After analyzing a plethora of different designs, we narrow down to our favorites. I bring the kids from school and just spend the rest of the day with them!

KM: What has been your most popular suit to date?

RE: I found that the Fairy Princess design was very well received since it has long sleeves yet stylish. As well as Lillia Rose and Sugar Love for their color combination and girly style.

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KM: What is your absolute favorite suit from your current collection and why?

RE: That’s a hard question to answer:) But if I had to choose, it would be Happily Ever After. I like the contrast of colors especially the pink and red. I find it to be simple yet striking.

KM: Where can our readers purchase one of your fabulous suits for summer?

RE: They are in several boutiques in USA and some international boutiques as well. Also you can find them online on our website

KM: Do you have anything exciting coming up on the horizon?

RE: Yes, absolutely. We are working on our new collection. There will be new and different unique designs. We are also expanding our age sizes.

KM: Any tips for our readers on how to choose the right suit?

RE: My best advice would be to choose the swimsuit that best fits your personality.

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For Fun:

KM: Where did you go to school?

RE: I’m originally Lebanese. I graduated high school from International School and my Masters from Lebanese American University.

KM: Any hidden talents?

RE: Painting, tennis and dancing.

KM: What is your favorite resort or beach destination?

RE: Caneel Bay Resort, Saint John USVI.

KM: Describe your personal swim style?

RE: I like the combination of a simple yet edgy and trendy swimwear. A piece that is comfortable and unique.

KM: What do you think of

RE: We Love Mini Maven! Everything in the magazine is adorable and so stylish. You can find everything you need for your little fashionista.

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