Aristocrat Kids AW22

Aristocrat Kids continues to blow us away with their stunning collections, season after season. For AW22, their collection titled ‘A Dream of the City Within’ is a conceptual work of art, taking on the shape of high fashion. It is a daring mix of luxurious, handcrafted details and the unmistakable quality of natural materials that forges every garment into an unforgettable whole. The collection itself has been revealed layer by layer with the black and white part of the collection being a symbolic representation of the idea that there can be no light without the dark. There can be no luxury in the shimmer of gold if not given a proper background of black. The red part is love – sometimes a red-hot passion that burns like a fire, at other times, a gentle touch of a loved one. Next, red becomes purple, the symbol of everything mysterious, sometimes even eerie in its extraordinary character, but always free and true to itself. One by one, the layers leading up to the golden heart of the collection. See how the collection unfolds below! 

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