Bling2o is making waves with its safe and stylish swim accessories! Our summer Mom Mavens Palma Reyes, Maria Fasano, Regina Witherspoon, and Rebecca Scarfone took their professional experience combined with a passion for creative kids trends to launch Bling2o in 2013. Their playful line features goggles, kickboards, swim caps, and inflatables of all shapes, colors, and of course, BLING!

Boys and girls everywhere will make a splash with their one-of-a-kind statement accessories. Minis can choose from an array of themes from sea creatures, mermaids and sharks, to princesses, glitter, lashes, and candy. The best part, their unique goggles are latex-free, lead-free, and have anti-fog properties.

Each of their products goes through the highest quality of control testing through highly accredited laboratories. Plus, all Bling2o products are in accordance with the most stringent global safety standards, CPSIA, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. So, who’s ready to dive in?