Circa 81 Kids x Amber Williams

How about a round of applause for Amber Williams, Founder of the new on the scene luxury kids fashion boutique Circa 81! A lover of fashion and mother to her stylish 11 year old son, Brian, Amber believes in first impressions and that a great ensemble can enhance ones attitude. With a strong background in Marketing and PR, Amber is living the dream back in her home town of Wichita, Kansas and has produced her first ever e-commerce store! Curating International brands is her focus and will continue to add to her roster with coveted labels like 3 Pommes, Mar Mar Copenhagen and Plum NYC, just to name a few. She has plans to bring on Stella McCartney, Chloe, Monnalisa, and Jean Bourget by the end of 2016 and early 2017. Looks like Circa 81 Kids will be the festive place to shop holiday as well as to ring in the new year!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: Tell us about Circa 81 Kids! Have you always been involved in the kids fashion industry?

AMBER WILLIAMS: Circa81 Kids is an online destination for well dressed Boys and Girls sizes 12M- 12 years old. Our goal is to promote a well-dressed lifestyle by bringing our customers exclusive and emerging international Luxury brands.  I birthed the name after my birth year and the concept came from my well dressed childhood. My mother use to shop at a family owned children’s boutique in my hometown Wichita, Kansas called “Younger Dudes”. We spent so much time in that store and even modeled for them in fashion shows. They played a huge part in me opening a children store because I love children’s fashion.. and fashion period! I’ve only been working in the kids fashion industry for the past 2 years but I’ve been in and out of the fashion industry for the past 12 years. I actually moved to New York City to intern for Ben Sherman in their e-commerce department in 2004. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing. Then I went on to work for BCBGMaxAzria, Anthropologie and did some freelance PR work. I always knew I would own a boutique and it’s still my goal to open a Brick and Mortar one day.


KM: Do you have any children?

AW: I have one amazing/stylish child name Brian and he is 11 years old.

KM: What does children’s fashion mean to you? Why do you think it’s so important?

AW: I attended Catholic school from K -12 so whenever I got a chance to wear my regular clothes and be stylish I ran with it.. I believe clothes are important, because a great outfit can boost your attitude. I always say “Good clothes open doors”, and first impressions set the tone when you meet new people.


KM: What brands will you be adding to your exclusive roster?

AW: I am currently adding Plum NYC (new brand),  Someday Soon, Amour Bows, Popshop before the end of the year and Jean Bourget which is very chic in 2017. There are so many brands and I want to add more high end and Avant Garde brands : Stella Kids, Chloe , Monnalisa, Catimini, Bang Bang Copenhagen and many more..

KM: Describe the perfect ensemble for fall using items from your shop as well as What is the one piece that is a must-have for our Mini boys?

AW: Currently my favorite ensemble would be the “Dream of Polka Dress” and the Little New Star Pink Statement jacket by 3 pommes. Its such a classic/timeless look and every mini fashionista should have polka dots in their closets.I adore the Evan Sweater by Egg by Susan Lazar for the boys.


KM: Favorite statement piece for fall?

AW: A statement jacket I believe is perfect! A stylish coat/jacket can make an outfit go from 50-100%. Little New Star pink jacket by 3 pommes for the girls and the 3 Pommes Freestyle Bomber by for boys are my top picks.

KM: The holidays are just around the corner! What are your top 5 items (clothes, toys, giftables, etc.) for any parent shopping for the holidays at your store?

AW: 1. Dream of Polka Dress by 3 pommes

2. Evan Sweater by Egg by Susan Lazar

3. Mar Mar Copenhagen Leo Tessie Leopard Blouse

4. Little Rebel Dress by 3 pommes

5. Blue Iceberg fleece pants by 3pommes for toddlers (Moms are loving these for the boys)


KM: How does Circa 81 Kids stand out from the rest?

AW: We focus on the customers who not only love the trends but want a classic and timeless look for their child. That’s why I wanted to focus on established and emerging brands. 3 pommes and Jean Bourget are over 30 years old. They both set the tone for the store but a lot of the other brands will bring the edgy flair.

KM: What does Circa 81 have on the agenda for the holidays? Any special promotions?

AW: We’re currently preparing for a Holiday Trunk show next month in the Wichita, Kansas area and bringing on new brands for the Holidays. We currently offer an ongoing promotion for first time customers to receive 10% off their first order.

KM: What’s next for Circa 81 Kids? A brick and mortar store?

AW: We’ve been taking our time on building our brand and understanding our customers. Making sure that we provide every customer with the Circa81 Kids experience, every kid deserves a well-dressed lifestyle. Brick and mortar is the end goal, so we want everyone to join our journey as we grow!


For Fun:

KM: If you could describe yourself in three words, what would it be?

AW: Resilient, tastemaker and mompreneur

KM: What do you think of

AW: The name alone Maven means connoisseur, and when you browse and flip through the pages of the magazine you find High fashion in a mini form, that will make any adult fashionista want to be 9 again . I can’t wait to see what Mini Maven will share with the world in 2017.


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