Cotton Sparrow x Kate Sloan

It’s all eyes on Cotton Sparrow, designed by Kate Sloan! This designer mum behind the coveted silhouettes has something to say with her gender fluid collections! With a strong message in mind, Kate’s designs fit right into what’s trending now in children’s fashion, while touching the world on a a deeper level. Mindful with how fashion influences kids, her collection sets them apart from others! With cotton as the front runner in fabric and friendliness don’t be fooled by her futuristic designs coming your way for fall, Cotton Sparrow may continue to lead the way with its innovative concepts and simplistic style and they have our attention!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: What inspired the name “Cotton Sparrow”?

KATE SLOAN: It occurred to me whilst I was brainstorming names. I primarily use cotton fabric in every collection and I added the sparrow part because I thought it sounded cool and I guess children are small like sparrows.

KM: Why did you choose to design for children?

KS: It’s too cliché to say that I decided to go into kids fashion after I had a baby. Rather, as someone who studied fashion at a degree level, when I had my eldest daughter I saw it as an opportunity to indulge in something that I felt passionate about and of course it was handy that I always had a little model to help me out!


KM: What fascinates you at the moment and how does it feed into your designs?

KS: There’s definitely something happening in menswear that intrigues me and I am especially drawn to the androgynous movement on the runway. As I aim to make unisex collections it definitely inspires me at a design level to do something similar for the kids. Fashion shouldn’t put them in boxes, they should be allowed to be themselves and I hope that’s what my collections allow them to do.   

KM: Favorite material to work with and why?

KS: Probably cotton just because it does what you want it to do.

KM: What’s your must-have piece from your current collection?

KS: The most popular piece is the jumpsuit but I personally like the tie-up shorts because they look so comfortable to wear and as they tie-up they-re adjustable to the individual. Also I love black!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.18.01 PM

KM: Describe the ultimate Cotton Sparrow summer ensemble!

KS: Black tie-up shorts, white shirt and black rectangle draped cardigan with some sandals.

KM: Can you give us any insight into your AW16 collection? We can’t wait!

KS: It’s already been described as futuristic, which is a compliment as I consider myself a futurist. It’s simple with pops of colour and it will be the first time a print has been featured.

KM: What’s your most favorite part about designing clothing for children?

KS: The challenge! I have to design something that is unique, functional and above all wearable whilst keeping within the aesthetic of the brand. Children have to be able to be children and the clothes need to be up to this task, it’s actually quite a challenge to design with all this in mind. But that’s what I like.


KM: Why do you think children’s fashion is so important?

KS: Fashion is often seen as quite frivolous but on a deeper, subconscious level it can send a message to children about who they are as people. It can inhibit as well as set them free. I think children’s fashion can delight the adults more than the children who are wearing it. We must be careful not to let our own enjoyment at seeing our kids in a certain outfit get in the way of letting kids be kids. It might look cute to you but it’s already sending them a message about what’s expected of them.

KM: What do you predict for the future of Cotton Sparrow?

KS: Larger collections and modern prints.


For Fun:

KM: If you could be a child again, just for a day, what would you wear?

KS: Something fancy dress or really loud like a feather boa and neon accessories.

KM: What would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

KS: Read a novel. I love reading but with 2 kids I struggle to find the time.

KM: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

KS: Japan.

KM: What do you think of Mini-Maven? 

KS: It’s a great magazine for children’s fashion. I especially love the editorials. Gorgeous!

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