Dear Giana

At just 8 years old Giana, known as @g.von.g on Instagram, has taken the worlds of art and fashion by storm! Beginning her career as an artist at the very young age of 5, Giana has already held her very own solo art show–showcasing 40 pieces of her incredible work. The detail-oriented artist and fashionista loves working with watercolor and markers, and draws each of her pieces free-hand. She recently collaborated with coveted brand Haus of JR to create her own line of t-shirts, selling out just 2 hours post launch. We are continuously inspired by this young lady. Giana is living her motto everyday, proving that you don’t have to wait until you grow up to do something amazing! 

MINI MAVEN: What medias do you work in? Any favorites?

GIANA: I work with pencils, color pencils, crayons, markers, watercolor, and pastels. My favorite is definitely watercolor and markers!

MINI MAVEN: Can you remember the first magazine ad you ever saw?

GIANA: Ever since I was super little, my mommy always had tons of VOGUE magazines. I drew my first fashion ad when I was 5. If you get a chance to attend my art show you can see it up close. It is my mommy’s favorite.


MINI MAVEN: Where do you find inspiration to recreate these fashion magazine ads?

GIANA: I love to draw people and clothes. It is cool that everyone dresses differently and it kinda lets you know what they are like.

MINI MAVEN: What has been your favorite magazine ad to recreate so far? 

GIANA: I really liked doing the Moschino ad. My mommy and daddy even took video of me drawing it. Lots of people love that drawing and I like it too. 

MINI MAVEN: What’s your creative process like? Walk us through from start to finish. 

GIANA: I first pick out a picture I like to draw and cut it in half. I glue it on a blank paper and begin to draw the other side. I draw freehand, so it does take me a long time. I like to draw with pencil first and then go over the outline with black pen. When that is done my favorite part happens next. Color! I use crayons, color pencils, pastels, and watercolors. It usually takes me a couple days to finish one art piece. When it is finished I am so happy to look at it. 

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your first solo art show in Seattle!

GIANA: I have been to lots of art shows with my mommy and daddy, but I have never been to a kid art show. Lots of kids came to see my art and grown ups too. Many of the grown ups asked me questions and I had fun talking to them and showing them what I drew. It was so much fun and all of my family came. My grandma, grandpa, two aunts, my cousin and I even had a chance to meet family members for the first time who live in Seattle. We also gave out pencils and paper so kids could draw! 

MINI MAVEN: What pieces did you show there?

GIANA: I showed some my first works and all together, I showed 40 pieces. Those pieces of art I created for Seattle are all considered my early pieces. Since I did so many pieces for my Seattle show, I think I draw a lot better now.

MINI MAVEN: Any favorites from that collection?

GIANA: I really like the three big pieces I made. I drew the Kate Moss X Supreme, Moschino, and an Acne Studios fashion ad. People really like the huge pieces and I am going to create more. 

MINI MAVEN: We’d love to see the original 40 pieces that you’ve created! Can you tell us what inspired these?

GIANA: This was my first show, so I was able to show my older work and new pieces that I made just for Seattle. I was able to create anything and everything that I liked. When my daddy framed and hung them in the gallery, I was so happy and excited. It was the happiest feeling to see people like my art and ask me questions. 

MINI MAVEN: What do you think makes for a successful piece of art?

GIANA: People always tell me that they like the detail I put in my art. When a piece of fashion has a pattern or cool design in the picture, that is my favorite to draw.

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your collaboration with Haus of JR!

GIANA: It was a very fun experience. I never designed clothing before, but I even had a chance to make a cool lookbook video on how I would wear my shirts that I designed. All of the shirts sold out in 2 hours. It was like a dream.

MINI MAVEN: How did your relationship with Haus of JR come about?

GIANA: The owner attended my Los Angeles show I did with FashionMamas. She loved seeing my art and thought it would be a cool idea for me to design some tees. The next day my mommy got a message from her and I started creating some designs for the shirts when we got home from our trip.

MINI MAVEN: What was your favorite design from your Haus of JR collection?

GIANA: I really like the drawing I did of the DIOR ad with Ruth Bell. Her hat was the favorite part to draw because of all the lines it had. 


MINI MAVEN: Big plans for the summer?

GIANA: I really want to go to Disney World in Florida. Disney World seems like the most amazing place ever. I would love to see all of the Disney princesses fashion and the costumes all of the characters wear. And yes, ride all of the cool rides!  

MINI MAVEN: Who is your hero/heroine?

GIANA: Wonder Woman. She has tons of confidence and also has a cool superhero costume. 

MINI MAVEN: What do you think about

GIANA: Mini-Maven shows really cool and exciting clothes! I love to look at all the pictures featured on the site and how colorful they are. 

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