Dillonger x Latoia Fitzgerald

Dillonger brand has launched their Fall Winter 2016 collection with a big bang! Together, designers Latoia Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Sebelia have created a collection for the stylish child with tons of character. The line encompasses strength, comfort, and sport! Playing with textures, mixing prints, Latoia is making her mark on the scene of kids wear, using it as a platform to give back to children and promote education in many different communities! Dillonger is on our must-watch list for 2017!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: How did you and Jeffrey Sebelia meet?

LATOIA FITZGERALD: Jeffery and I met through a mutual friend that felt like we would be a great fit for work. When we met we instantly clicked. 

KM: What was the design process like between you two?

LF: It was extremely fun and inspiring for me. I’ll design something and he will add his twist or he’ll design something and I’ll give my input. I’ve learned a lot from Jeffery throughout the designing process. Not just about fashion but spirituality as well. Our days would consist of designing and great energy. Jeffrey introduced me to a lot of spiritual books and spoke a lot about the universe and the importance of what you put into the universe. 


KM: Tell us one funny thing fact you learned about each other while being together?

LF: Haha that he doesn’t like riding in the car with me because he thinks I’m a crazy driver, lol. 

KM: How did your interest in children’s fashion begin?

LF: I was inspired to do children’s fashion from having a son. I could never find anything fitting for my son in the stores. I have so much fun doing runway shows with the boys. They all have different unique personalities and I love every bit of it. It’s so much fun! 



KM: Why did you choose fashion as your creative outlet?

LF: I’ve been into fashion since I was a little girl. I grew up in a creative household. My mom taught me how to make a pair of pants when I was a teenager and I fell in love with clothing ever since. I love to create. 

KM: What do you love most about boy’s fashion?

LF: I love the sportiness of it. The comfort of it. I honestly love to see the little boys looking stylish in their clothing. 


KM: Walk us through your design process. How do you pick the fabrics, the patterns?

LF: I start of with collecting swatches of fabric. I take the swatches home to make a final decision on what fabrics I want to use and watch fabrics work well together. I love fabrics with texture. And I love to play with mixing prints and textures. After I find the fabrics I design. After that I take the fabric and design to my production team to have a sample made. After I approve the sample we start production. 


KM: What are your top three must-have pieces for boys?

LF: I think that boys are always active so being comfortable is very important. I would have to say joggers, hoodies and T-shirts.  

KM: Where do you like to go for inspiration? Magazines? Tradeshows?

LF: I go to men’s fashion week for inspiration. I love to gather inspiration from men fashion and add a kiddie twist to it.  


KM: How did you conceptualize your collection for aw16?

LF: Well I played with the concept of a vintage classroom. So the colors and the textures have a vintage feel. But the designs are still trending and fun. 

KM: Are there any key elements that you carry throughout your designs?

LF: I’m big on Mixing patterns and texture to create a garment. 

KM: Where do you see Dillonger in 5 years?

LF: I see Dillonger becoming a household name. A well know brand that produces clothing, accessories and home decor. I see Dillonger in major department stores and children boutiques as well.



KM: If you could dress one kid in Dillonger who would it be and why?

LF: I would love to one day have a girls capsule collection and the first girl I would dress is Leah Strong. She’s a hero in every right.

KM: What do you think about Mini-Maven.com?

LF: Well it’s definitely for the stylish child. It’s a very strong platform for kid fashion and a great mixture of ready to wear and high end fashion ideas. It’s was an honor to do a interview with you guys. Thank you


KM: Any plans for the holidays?

LF: I just want to relax with my family. 

KM: If you could be any age again, what age would it be and why? 

LF: lol. 5 is such a fun age. No responsibilities. No worries. Just fun. Such a cutie you are and just able to be free minded. 

KM: Describe your perfect pizza?

LF: Omg I love pizza! The crust of the pizza means so much to me lol. I love a pizza with golden tasty crust lol. Lots of cheese and minimum sauce. Add a little basil.


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