Eva Chen x Janie & Jack

Director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and a children’s book author, Eva Chen uses fashion as a way into learning about important feminists throughout history. Now, Eva has partnered with Janie & Jack to create a clothing line inspired by the fashion icons in her books. This collection is all about having fun, no matter what the mood! Check out Eva’s exclusive interview feature below and Click Here to shop the new Juno Valentine collection. 

MM: Tell us about the Juno Valentine by Janie and Jack collection? 

EC: Fashion is a form of self-expression for kids… Kids might want to wear a superhero cape one day and lightning bolt overalls the next and a tulle gown the next! This collection is all about having fun, no matter what the mood. I’ve loved seeing kids in the clothes and the zany, joyful outfits they’ve put together all by themselves!

MM: What was the inspiration behind this collection? 

EC: The new book has a whole new squad of iconic women and the collection reflects that!  I loved how different they all were but groundbreakers in their own way. And each style is so distinct: bold, black, white, and red for Audrey, layers, and fluff galore for Marie, and embellished glam for Josephine!

MM: What have you loved most about working with Janie and Jack to bring this collection to life? 

EC: The team understands the needs of kids innately (they want to dream but they also want to PLAY!) and they are so creative. They brought vintage fabrics from the 1950s to reference for some of the dresses!

MM: Do you have children of your own? 

EC: Yes! Two spirited, strong-willed, silly kids named Ren and Tao. They’re my raison d’etre!

MM: How have they inspired you and this collection? 

EC: There are elements of Ren and Tao in both characters, of course. The creative, imaginative soul of Ren and the sweet mischief of Tao. For the clothes, the Janie and Jack team was amazing to work with—so creative and came to the table with hundreds of ideas! We looked at vintage fabrics and so many old Audrey Hepburn movies and period pieces. It was a blast. 

MM: Did they get to play a part in helping design the collection? 

EC: Ren definitely had some strong opinions! She loves all the fluffy tulle dresses from the Marie Antoinette capsule!  

MM: What do you love most about children’s fashion? 

EC: EVERYthing is cuter when it’s for a tiny human!!! It’s been fun seeing babies in the signature Juno look, from the striped top to the olive joggers. I can’t help but “like” all those Instagram posts when I see them!

MM: Any big trends for children’s fashion that you can see on the horizon? 

EC: We designed the core Juno Valentine signature look to be gender-neutral. I think the move towards inclusivity will hopefully continue to grow in the children’s space as well as the world at large. 

MM: What are your thoughts on gender-neutral garments for children and why do you think they are important? 

EC: I think children need to feel safe, seen, and like they have a voice, period… and fashion is a part of that.  

MM: Any future collaborations we should know about? 

EC: Nothing to announce today 🙂 I only work with brands I love, like Janie and Jack and Swell Bottles! 

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