Haloluxe x Malka Fasten

Haloluxe luxury children’s hair accessories brand is in demand! With a colorful, sophisticated take on girls accessories, the happy SS16 collection is in full swing! We caught up with Founder Malka Fasten recently who tells us all about her humble beginnings, inspirations and whats on the horizon for fall 2016! Its not often you come across a collection that compliments your wardrobe as fashionably well as Haloluxe does! If you haven’t indulged in these adorable designs, now is the time.

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KYMBERLY MARCIANO: When and why did you create HaloLuxe?

MALKA FASTEN: HaloLuxe was created in 2012. By the time that Halo Luxe was officially introduced, I had been designing and creating unique girl’s accessories for my own girls, relatives, and friends for some time. This was simply the next step in a progression that reflected my pursuit of creative fashion design.

KM: Your beautiful accessories are handmade with love! Tell us, how did you learn to make such stunning pieces?

MF: I don’t know that learned is quite the right word to use. It almost felt like my first creations were visceral and I then learned to build upon what seemed to come naturally.

KM: Do you have any formal training in the fashion world?

MF: I never attended any type of fashion institute but it feels like I have been studying fabric and design through a hands on approach forever.

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KM: How do your girls inspire your creations?

MF: My girls love fashion and color. They have distinct tastes and strong feelings about what they like. Often, perhaps because of the difference in age, their perspectives can be quite different.

KM: Do they often get involved with the design process?

MF: I always ask for their opinion when creating new styles. They usually get more involved at the stage at which I am choosing fabrics and colors for an already created style.

KM: Tell us about your current collection!

MF: My current collection is a happy one. It is bursting with all the colors and themes of spring and integrates forward moving fashion with a classic look, providing a uniqueness that sets the collection apart from the ordinary.

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KM: What’s the inspiration behind your upcoming AW16 collection? Any hints as to what we can expect?

MF: Inspiration is everywhere. I find it in nature and in fine artwork. Without giving too much away, AW16 will emphasize a modern twist on vintage classic design. It will include the warmth of natural colors as well as the bold vivaciousness of jewel tones. Stay tuned.

KM: What’s has been your most favorite piece to create so far?

MF: That is so hard to say. It is probably the set of custom made hair accessories made for the 3 little sisters of the bride to match their beautiful ruffled gowns.

KM: How would you style it?

MF: I styled their hair accessories so as not to overtake the gown but, yet, to provide the literal crowning touch. I carefully studied not only the style and color of the gowns but also the fabric in order to provide the perfect complement.

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KM: Is there a must-­have headpiece for summer?

MF: For sure. It is undoubtedly, the Duchess hairpiece. It can be worn with almost any outfit from casual jeans to evening wear.

KM: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

MF: There have been highlights along the way. The highlight at the very beginning stages was the sudden recognition that my own children’s accessories were in demand. Further along the way, the highlight was probably the first time that I met someone in the industry who was excited to meet the person behind Halo Luxe . It’s taken me a while for that to sink in.

KM: If you weren’t creating darling accessories, what do you think you’d be doing?

MF: I would be working with children as a speech pathologist and accessorizing my own girls. That seems to be just in my blood.

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KM: What can we expect to see from Haloluxe in the future? Thoughts of a brick & mortar?

MF: I can envision Haloluxe expanding into increasingly diverse accessory lines in response to customer requests. I have contemplated a brick and mortar establishment and do not rule it out. However, at this time, with the busy lifestyles of individual customers and international boutique customers, e­commerce appears to be the most practicable.

For Fun:

MF: If you are asking what I do for fun – that’s easy. I spend time enjoying and laughing with my family. That is my absolute favorite fun activity.

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KM: What’s your life motto?

MF: Put your heart and soul into everything you do and give it your best.

KM: Who is your style icon?

MF: Easily Grace Kelly with her timeless yet always fashionable elegance.

KM: If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

MF: Cristobal Balenciaga, who had an amazing ability to be a real fashion innovator. He also had a proven success rate as a mentor with protégés that included Oscar de la Renta and Givenchy.

KM: Favorite hairstyle?

MF: Favorite hairstyles, in my opinion, are very age related but I am partial to long naturally wavy hair.

KM: What do you think of Mini-Maven?

MF: I think Mini Maven is an amazing asset for the fashion conscious consumer. Through its creativity and innovative design, it brings to the forefront all of the latest in children’s style, fashion, and decor.

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