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The many faces of Harper Tillman! We are so delighted to have Harper back as our 2nd time coveted cover girl! The mini style icon shares with us what its like to be on set, travel, family time, and what’s important to her. This special January cover marks our one year milestone here at Mini-Maven and there was only one Maven out there that fit our Cinderella shoe!! Kicking off the year literally, Harpers new cover story Huddle Up came just in time bringing cool chic sporty fashion with a girly twist thanks to stylist & mom, Kiki Tillman! On our January cover, Harper rocks the Lear leather jacket, Senorita Lemoniez Top and Skirt, Grey Air Jordan sneakers and polished off with Modern Queen Kids Kingdom Stone ring! Since our first cover story Sugar & Spice, our Mini-Maven starlet, Harper, has blossomed! Lets give it up for one of our faves, Miss Tillman!


[Photo Credit: Snaps Studio]

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: What was your highlight of 2015? 

HARPER TILLMAN: Oh…  Well the best thing of my year or the best news was at my Kindergarten back to school meeting I saw that Brianna from my Pre-K class was on my class list for my Kindergarten class.

I did a Wizard of Oz shoot with both my brothers.   I love when I get to be with my family.  Doing the football shoot in my hometown of Savannah was so cool.  I didn’t have to go thru security and get on any airplanes.  My brother and his teammates were in it and my Savannah bestie Addison was in it which made my day so fun.


[Photo Credit: Creative Soul Photography]

KM: Out of all of the shows you that you have modeled in which has been your favorite?

HT: Alivia Simone and Imoga.  I get to walk out with the designers at the end of the finale.
I did like the shows (Laer and Marin and Morgan) last time because my brother Saint was also in the shows.  Also I liked the shows when my friends Chance and Luca were in it.  One time we went to NY to walk in the the Bonnie Young show  and Jessie and D’Lila were in that too.  Modeling is fun most when you get to be with your friends and family.


[Photo Credit: Lee Clower Photography]

KM: Who is your style icon?

HT: My Mommy


[Photo Credit: Gotham Portrait]

KM: What is your favorite place that you have traveled and why?

HT: Hawaii is my favorite.  It’s so beautiful there and I can get peace and quiet.


[Photo Credit: Snaps Studio}

KM: Do you want to continue modeling as you grow up? 

HT: Hmmmm.  I will have to think about that.   There are so many more important things than modeling.


[Photo Credit: Creative Soul Photography]

KM: If you didn’t model what would you want to do when you grow up? 

HT: A chef

KM: Do you ever get nervous before a show?

HT: I was the first time I did it but never after that.  The designers should be nervous because the people are looking at their clothes.


[Photo Credit: Ahmad Barber]

KM: Do you have any traditions that you do before or after a show or photo shoot? 

HT: Well I pray.   Is that what you mean?   In NYC, we go eat the day before at Benihana’s and after the show we usually go to Fogo de Chao.

Does having a slumber party at my hotel with my friends count as a tradition?
Here are some of Harper’s highlights from 2015!

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