Kelly Zajfen of Little Minis

Meet the woman behind Little Minis, Kelly Zajfen. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Mom Maven! Kelly is inspiring, compassionate, creative, and a Wonder Woman when it comes to juggling her work life, family and personal aspirations. Stepping on the fashion scene as a model, Kelly gained the work ethnic she needed to be successful and is a huge supporter of women inspiring and encouraging each other. Testing her designs on her own daughter’s first approval, Kelly has created a vibrant summer collection that’s like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. Little Minis’ collections are the perfect mix of tomboy and girly girl, and their Peter Pan romper is our must-have pick for the season! Kelly recently did a collaboration with Olivia + Ocean and is now ready to launch her NEW Summer Collection, arriving at the end of July!

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest collection? There’s so much color! 

KELLY ZAJFEN: Summer is my all time favorite season! And with this season comes color! I wanted to bring back an original little minis design that was my favorite dress and introduce something new to the little minis family. I searched all over to find the best and colorful prints and of course, I am a sucker for floral so there is a ton of that! I wanted this season to showcase the energy and happiness of play with pops of color but most importantly being comfortable. 

MM: How do the designs reflect that inspiration?

KJ: I am all about simplicity. I want the little to feel playful and fun! I think my dresses are always a go to for play while highlighting the different patterns and fabrics that make it truly special, however, this season adding a little minis playsuit romper was my favorite addition. Lily, my own daughter, is my total inspiration. She’s a perfect mix of tom boy and girly girl so I always try and test things on her first for approval! The romper is her favorite and we can dress up or down depending on the day with the new pieces! 

MM: The Peter Pan romper is absolutely darling!! What inspired this piece in particular?

KJ: I really wanted to add something that was playful and simple and ever so easy for the littles. The dresses are LM signature but adding the Peter Pan romper for the littles who may not want to twirl all day was an important piece this season. 

MM:: How did your first job shape your work ethic and life ambitions?

KJ: Modeling gave me an incredible work ethic. It was up to me to go to auditions, take good care of myself, and be a person people wanted to work with and I think that shaped how I approached work. I made incredible friendships and appreciated everywhere it took me and everyone I met. I think that’s how I work now. I have made incredible friendships, I make sure to take care of everyone who I work with respect and thoughtfulness and I picked something I love. So the waking up everyday and creating a business that continues to grow fulfills me to know end. 

MM:: Any role models you aspired to, who put you on the right path when you started achieving success?

KJ: The truth of the matter is it’s the women around me. The women that are creating beautiful things in whatever field they are in and who are mothers to these beautiful children. I look up to them tremendously. Whether they are mamas who stay at home or mamas who are working and raising their littles, I’m just in awe. It pushes me to keep creating and continue to do the things I love and to love even harder my own littles. 

And who put me on the path to success?? My customers put me on the path for success! Their love for LM and the amazing community that has been created has pushed me to do more and grow more. I’m so lucky to have them! 

MM: The collection you will never forget?

KJ: Last Summers collection. I feel like that is when Little Minis became something really magical. The customers loved the dresses and I saw it starting to flood Instagram in a way I had never seen before. My heart was SO full seeing these littles in my dresses! 

MM: How does your organization, Alliance of Moms, play a roll in the community?

KJ: We are an organization and community of incredible volunteers who support the pregnant and parenting foster youth here in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to providing education, advice, and support for these girls in foster care. 



MM: What’s your travel uniform?

KJ: When I am on the plane with the kiddos it’s always a pair of worn in comfy Levis and a t-shirt and sweater. I bring extra socks in my bag to change my shoes and be comfy on the plane but depending on where we go it can be too cold or too hot on the plane so I make sure I have a little bit of both. And then when I arrive anywhere, its dresses!!!! 

MM: What is always in your carry-on bag?

KJ: My personal carry on is snacks or a little extra meal (I hate airplane food!), something to read, my headphones, and computer to work!

Kids: every single trip they get a backpack FULL on new things and they can’t open it until we are on the plane. (Thank you Amazon and the $1 section at Target!) Once we get on the plane its one by one. So it takes hours for them. We don’t have iPads for the kiddos so its tons of art stuff and clay and puzzles. 

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