Little Miss Aoki x Winnie Aoki

The Queen of “Haute Couture” for Children, Winnie Aoki, expands her reach globally with her new line Little Miss Aoki! Continuing with her trend of sweet silhouettes & dreamy soft color palettes, Little Miss Aoki has something for everyone. New styles and a fresh take bring your minis plenty of tulle for endless twirls and playtime.

Mini- Maven: What inspired you to get into the business of children’s couture fashion with MISCHKA AOKI? 

WINNIE AOKI: I think it is important to be true to what you love; that’s the only way you will create something unique. I have always loved and appreciated the intricate details and craftsmanship in couture fashion. The freedom to create something individually unique. exploring different techniques, processes and fabrics and the ability to concentrate on creating something beautiful is of most importance to me. And that is the reason why I first started Mischka Aoki. Those who buy Mischka Aoki know they are buying a beautifully created, meticulously crafted, exceptional quality and one of a kind pieces.


MM: And why did you started LITTLE MISS AOKI?

WA: Mischka Aoki is not for everyone, but there is a large market that crave the flair of Mischka Aoki, so Little Miss Aoki is founded to fulfil this gap in the market, to reach more people globally.

MM: What is  Little Miss Aoki’s DNA, and how is it differ with MISCHKA AOKI? 

WA: Little Miss Aoki is a fun and playful take on Mischka Aoki’s luxury. It presents beautiful formal and special occasion dresses, utilising simpler fabrics and less handwork in a more fun and playful shape and style- as in oppose of Mischka Aoki which uses a very intricate Haute Couture Technique, where each dresses can take hundreds of hours on creating the dress alone, and uses the most luxurious fabrics with an extremely difficult technique to create its unique shape.

MM: What are your key elements for success in the Kids Fashion Business?

WA: Everyone have their own perception of what makes them successful, but personally, I always ensure that I demand myself perfection in everything that I do, and to be fully committed in achieving the objective, on time and as planned. Then once that goal is achieved, I would set myself a higher goal.

MM: What can you tell us about the new SS17 collection? 

WA: It’s all about turning every little girl into a princess, the collection sparkles with gorgeous flower details, fabulous tulle skirts and beautiful shades of pink, blue, white and gold.

MM: Where do you find your inspiration?

WA: My inspiration can come from anywhere. From the places I visited, the books I read, the movies I’ve watched.. So many things.

MM: What are the unique differences in designing for children vs adults?

WA: I think the challenge in designing children dresses is creating something that is elegant and luxurious, while ensuring the dresses not looking too mature. So careful selection of elements and materials which is incorporated into the design of these dresses are crucial. Elements and materials such as tulle and flowers are things that we regularly used, however what is important is how we apply these elements carefully to the dress that makes them elegant and playful at the same time.

MM: How do you see Little Miss Aoki brand in the new future?

WA: For the next few years our focus is on driving the brand recognition and reach worldwide to follow the lead example of Mischka Aoki. At the moment we are very pleased with the brand growth even though it’s still at its early stages , it had already been well received globally. We are pleased to say that our collection will be available on some of the most prestigious boutiques and department stores worldwide in our 1st season. Our plan is to put the brand reach further in every major city worldwide and also to educate people the difference between the two brands Mischka Aoki and Little Miss Aoki as though Little Miss Aoki is designed and produced from the same company as Mischka Aoki, they are both actually quite different in terms of concept, styles and target market.

MM: What’s next for Little Miss Aoki brand?

WA: We always have new and exciting projects and events in line, and just this past weekend we had our first fashion show for Little Miss Aoki at New York Kids Fashion Week.


MM: What do you think about Mini-Maven Magazine & Children’s Fashion Publications these days?

WA: I think Mini-Maven is one of the most exciting and fun children fashion’s publications and websites where you can find the most up to date fashion for children. We have worked with Kymberly in many occasions in the past years and her experience in children fashion definitely brings more credibility to the magazine and the brand.

MM: What do you like to do on your time off? How do you Escape?

WA: Time off? Haha I don’t think I have much of a time off these days… But when I do, I would be on my bed overlooking the pool and listening to the peaceful sound of water and playing with my two children while watching our favorite movies…or planning a weekend getaway with my family.

Little Miss Aoki is now available on line and in boutiques globally! Keep an eye out for Monday next week as we will be unveiling “Pretty Little Things,” editorial by Kymberly Marciano, featuring our February cover girl in Little Miss Aoki! In the meantime, enjoy these BTS shots from this past weekends show during NYFW!

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