Little Miss Galia x Alia Charvel

Brought to you from the woman who loves to DREAM, Alia Charvel of Little Miss Galia continues to blow us away with her stunning collections for little ladies. Her current collection for AW15 features vibrant hues of purples, pinks and reds, paired with her signature tweed embroidery for that mini boho vibe! Drawing inspiration from family traditional crochet pieces, this collection couldn’t be more adorable. On the horizon for SS16, Alia shares with us the stars of her next collection. “We’ll see more tweeds, flowers, neons, accents of metallics, and laser cut cottons!” Until then, lets bask in the beauty of fall and feast your eyes on her gorgeous creations, like the Jacquard Dress – Which you can now enter to win in our Instagram Giveaway, just in time for the holidays! Dreamy!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: It’s so great to catch up with you! Tell us about your AW15 collection! What has been this inspiration?

ALIA CHARVEL: The Inspiration for the AW15 Collection has been a crochet piece I saw at the house of my Mother In Law. The Boho/Gypsy vibes I got them from the combination between the crochet and the tweed, and that is what  guided me with the rest of the collection.

KM: What have been the most popular pieces from this collection, so far?

AC: The Long Sleeve Jacquard Dress


KM: What is your method and process for choosing prints and fabrics?

AC: The fabrics are very important in the design process for me, they inspired me, I like them to tell a story. First I create the palette color to agree with the inspiration, and then I make the selection of the fabrics. I always use tweed in some way, in combination with cotton, lace, vegan leather, etc., depending on the season. The print always depends on the inspiration as well.

KM: Why do you believe fashion and style is important for little ones?

AC: It is a way to strengthen their individuality, which I strongly believe in.


KM: When designing clothing for little girls, what are the most important things to keep in mind other than comfort, style and function?

AC: I think, Just do not forget that they are girls.

KM: What’s your favorite piece for fall 2015?

AC: The Crochet and Tweed Dresses


KM: Are you still designing in Mexico, or are you spending more time in NYC?

AC: Yes, I’m based in México.

KM: We loved seeing you at PetiteParade where you showcased your AW15 collection and ever since our last interview with you we have been dreaming of flowers, flamingos, neons and metallics! Can you give us a sneak peek into your SS16 collection?

AC: That is exactly what you are going to see! Flowers, neons and accents of metallics. The silhouettes are structured with personality but at the same time romantic with the softness of the ruffles in shoulders and bottoms. The mixing of fabrics is always present. This season tweed, laser cut cotton and and embroidery are the stars of the collection.


KM: What is your daughter’s favorite pieces from both your fall and spring collections?

AC: She loves dresses and skirts.

KM: Anything coming up that you are really excited about? We’d love to hear!

AC: We will be launching the SS16 Collection very Soon, so stay tuned!


KM: Where do you see Little Miss Galia in the future?

AC: I´ll love to land the concept of Mom/Girl, I´m still working on it.

KM: Where can our readers shop your current collection?



For Fun:

KM: Words to live by?

AC: Dream

KM: What are your favorite colors, textures, and patterns to wear?

AC: Black, Neutrals and I have to confesse I Love Leopard Print.

KM: Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?

AC: Not Really, but I love 60´s-70´s!

KM: If you had to choose? Your favorite style icon?

AC: I don’t have a favorite, I think every classic icon have her own sense of style, her esthetic, and I appreciate that is every one. From the present, I love Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo´s Style.


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