LOUD Apparel FW17/18 “Adventure Into The Wild”

LOUD Apparel’s AW17/18 collection ‘Adventure Into The Wild’ kicks off the fall season with a monochrome palette, bold graphics and a quirky disposition! Creative Genius and  Mom Maven behind the brand, Serena Di Scalzo gives us an exclusive look into her new collection, the inspiration behind it all while adding her own unique twists of modern spirit.  With both an educational and professional background in the industry, Serena set out to establish LOUD Apparel back in 2011 and it has been on the forefront of the children’s fashion radar ever since. This UK based brand stays true to Serenas vision and personality, is executed with a tight knit team and is available NOW to shop in their online store  and select stockists around the globe! For a closer look behind the scenes, watch their  darling campaign video here


LOUD Apparel FW17/18

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your background! How did you first get into designing children’s fashion? Where did you go to school?

SERENA DI SCALZO: I went to the University of the Arts, the “London College of Fashion” and did a degree in Fashion Design/Pattern Cutting. I have a son, Zion, now 13years old and that is the reason I got into Children’s wear rather than adult wear. I live in East London, land of the trendiest London brands and wanted to translate the same coolness into Children’s wear.

MM: How did you formulate your vision for the LOUD Apparel brand?

SDS: It kind of reflects who I am, rebellious, anti conformist, not liking the masses and the brand vision just came naturally by translating my persona into it I guess.

MM: Give us the scoop on the AW17/18 collection! How did you come up with the title for the collection “Adventures Into The Wild”?

SDS: The AW17.18 Collection takes its inspiration from the children 1963 picture book “where the wild things are”, the fantasy story of Max’s bedroom mysteriously transformed into a jungle environment with fun beasts and malicious creatures by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. We have then translated the story into the brand’s conceptual and more modern vision.

MM: What is your day-to-day like?

SDS: Well, I can just say I work too much,  but I love what I do and that is what drives me and my LOUD team every day. We are in the studio most days of the week, we are a small but nice team of 4, myself,  my partner Sep and our 2 lovely girls Kat and Nadia; we get on with the thousands of things to do everyday, sometime we laugh, sometime we stress but we get all along very nicely! I finish work  about 5/6pm and I try to spend sometime with my son, now a teenager who doesn’t really want his mum around too much..:)

MM: Walk us through your design process!

SDS: I get inspirations from random things, by seeing something outside that inspire me, by my favorite designers and their styles ( my favorites are Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto ) by the style and mood I am into at the at the time, by discussing with my partner who is my other shoulder of the business, etc..we do research, we gather images to reflect our inspiration, I discuss with the Team, everyone is welcome to throw to the table their ideas, opinion, we start to develop what we discussed and come up with the final designs..there is always last minute changes though!

MM: How does Social Media affect your design process?

SDS: Well I wouldn’t say affect but yes I am frequently using social media, 1. for the business, 2. to see what other people and brands do, 3. To switch my brain off after a day of work, after all we only have to use couple of fingers to scroll images down hey?!

MM:  How does your son, Zion play a part in your design process?

SDS: As a teenager with a young mind  Zion has a different world view.  His opinions and (mostly criticism..) help me to understand if a design can work or not..

MM: What is the most important thing to consider when designing clothing for children?

SDS: As much as I love fashion, edginess and quirkiness, you have mostly to remember that you are designing for children so there is only so much you can do, the most important thing is for them to be comfortable in our clothing.

MM: How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand? Do you have a target customer?

SDS: Edgy, quirky, bold graphic with minimal design shapes. The target customers are cool mom’s, dad’s from 20’s-50’s.

MM: How does Italian fashion differ from the fashion here in the states when it comes to children?

SDS:  There is an “Abyss” in between to say only in a few words…

MM: What are your favorite pieces from your AW17/18 collection?

SDS: The Mongolian fur skirt and sweater.

MM: Favorite material to work with, and why?

SDS:  The French Terry is an easy fabric and keeps well together so you can do quite a lot of shapes and prints into it, but I love also to work with fur and sequins.

MM: Do you have one ritual that keeps you sane and grounded?

SDS: Not really a ritual, I am not sane and grounded at all..:)

MM: Where can our readers shop LOUD Apparel?

SDS: We have amazing stockists all around the world, but here is a few:

•Cloudo in UK 

•Ladida in USA 

•Gif Kids in Taiwan 

•Mini Yetini in Australia 

•Urban looks in Lebanon

•Anthill Shop n Play in USA California 

MM: What’s next for LOUD Apparel? Can you give us a sneak peek into SS18?

SDS: We have now presented our SS18 Collection “Save the Cool Nation” to Pitti bimbo, Playtime Paris and going next to Playtime NY. It is a fun collection with bold graphics, glitters and the new introduction of denim pieces.


MINI MAVEN: How would you describe your personal style?

SERENA DI SCALZO:  Minimal, with bold print sometimes, I only wear black but I love glitters too..

MINI MAVEN: What’s your favorite fall accessory that you can’t live without?

SERENA DI SCALZO:  One on my latest purchase, the Karl Lagerfeld Chain fingerless leather gloves

MINI MAVEN: Give us a quote that has inspired you!


MINI MAVEN: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

SERENA DI SCALZO:  Having fun with my partner Sep, he is a great DJ, I love to listen and dance to his tunes and spend some time with my boy when he allows me

Campaign photos by photographer Jonathan Malpass, Stylist Becky Seager 
Campaign photos with in-house photographer Sep Nosrati, Stylist Becky Seager 

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