I Love Doodle Do x Celsa Efroni

Designed by the help of kids for kids, Celsa Efroni brings you I Love doodle Do, a collection of non conventional prints based on her kids doodles and bright fun colors!! Inspired by her 3 daughters who are hands on in every way, the playful collection of rompers, playsuits, dungarees and hareem pants are all GOTTS approved, while encouraging a return to non gender clothing in organic fabrics. It is important to Efroni to instill responsibility for our surroundings and for it to be handed down minimizing waste! We welcome Doodle Do to the Mini-Maven family with open arms. Finally, a brand that has created a collection for youngsters who LOVE to play, run and simply hang out meanwhile being conscious about our environment!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: How did your career in fashion begin?

CELSA EFRONI: My career in fashion spans over two decades as a textile engineer and fashion designer. After a successful career in global supply chain management, I launched my own company designing and manufacturing for high street stores like Zara, River Island, Next, and many others. However it was my children that inspired me to follow my passion for illustration and sustainability in children’s wear.


KM: What inspired you to create the adorable brand I Love Doodle Do?

CE: My three girls, the oldest who is a teenager is a bit of an artist 🙂 and the youngest two are my doodlers with very vivid imaginations together they inspired me to create Doodle Do.


KM: Tell us about I Love Doodle Do! What’s the concept behind the brand? How do you differ from other children’s brands?

CE: Its designed by the help of kids for kids – who imagine crabs can fly, whisper their secrets to dogs and believe everything is possible. Doodle do looks through the windows of children, observing their interpretations and their relentless imaginations whilst encouraging a return to non gender clothing in organic fabrics. Our USP is Organic fabrics instilling responsibility for our surroundings, Predominately Unisex so encourages non gender and it can he handed down minimizing waste, non conventional prints based on the kids doodles and bright fun colors, not afraid of being different and finally comfortable – these are clothes for youngsters who need to play, run and simply hang out in garments that are special and comfy at the same time.


KM: Can you tell us about the Global Textile Standard Certification and how your brand meets the requirements?

CE: Doodle do appreciates and loves nature and our surroundings. We want to encourage our creative little doodlers and their parents to be aware and protect our nature as much as we can. GOTS is an international certification for organic garments. GOTS ensure that organic certifiers evaluates all phrases of production which would mean every aspect of this product from farming and harvesting of cotton to manufacturing and branding. GOTTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Our factory and products are all GOTTS approved.


KM: What are the main pieces of your current collection? Any must-haves for our minis?

CE: Playsuits, dungarees and hareem pants are always a winner—so stylish and comfortable. I also love to layer since in London you never know what the weather will bring you. I particularly like the chevron dungarees this season but its hard to choose as I do also love the ladybird dress and the camper van shirt. My favorite hand knitted piece is the cloud romper.


KM: What do you think are the biggest challenges parents face when shopping for children’s clothing?

CE: From what I have seen I think parents struggle to buy items that coordinate and they can get the max of due to the unpredictable climate now a days , Spring Summer is a casual season but it does not mean it shouldn’t make a statement! My advice is to try a little pattern mixing— the key is to have one colour connecting the top and bottoms. I also love to layer for cool evenings.


KM: Do you have a brick and mortar store or plan to have one in the future?

CE: My office is on my local high street and the front of the office also dually serves as a shop, at the moment there is no plans of opening any further shops as we want to first expand the product globally.

KM: What are the advantages to being online?

CE: Flexible hours to suit my family life is the main one.


KM: What do you predict for the future of children’s fashion?

CE: I see children being allowed to choose for themselves more, allowed to indulge in their imaginations and thus I think we will see more of what the kids would like to wear and I’m sure that means brighter fun colors as well, I think we will see more comfortable styles for everyday wear and high end clothing will get edgier. People are being more aware of the environment and also the ethical repercussions and the fabrics we use and conditions they are made in will be key in the future.


KM: What are your ambitions with regards to the market and where do you see I Love Doodle Do in 5 years?

CE: I would love to expand further in the States which is my next favorite country after the UK. and I see Doodle Do selling globally and making people more aware of the environment. I see my charity “Spread a little kindness” taking off and being able to help more kids who need the help.


For Fun

KM: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

CE: I love South America so I would definitely want to explore more of it.

KM: Describe your personal style.

CE: My every day I like to be comfortable enough to work or hang out with the kids so it would be smart but causal – hareems/ jeans and a tshirt. In the evenings if I’m going out I like to glam up so it would be dresses, I love the feel of silk so its mostly silk in the evenings perhaps a shift dress or something long and flowing .


KM: What does your perfect day look like?

CE: Waking up with my family and kids around me, dropping them off to school as routine, easy day at work brimming with new designs that really stimulate me, lots of orders, finish on time so I can spend the evening with the kids. It would be a bonus hearing from my friend who runs her charity how she helped one of the kids they worked with and hearing that the little child’s life turned around. My evening then finishes with a date with hubby.

KM: What do you think of Mini-Maven.com?

CE: Love it!! I love the vibe and love the forward thinking, the concept and the presentation is beautiful too.


We are in love with Celsa’s Charity “Spread a little kindness” . You can purchase this adorable shirt made especially to benefit her organization online now!!!

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