Mini Maven x Vita Perfetta

Living In LA you are destined to cross paths with someone… something that impacts you, resinates with you, and inspires you! In comes Shere Ermilio, the Founder mastermind and creator of events and entertainment at an epic new level! Shere curates the newest, greatest and most stylish go to’s for your party, event or launch! Just this past week Mini Maven launched its Iconic Issue with A LOT of help from our friends at Vita Perfetta! We were lucky to get the inside scoop with the divine lady who masterminds its all!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: When and how did you first get into event planning? Is it something that you always knew you wanted to pursue? 

SHERE ERMILIO:  I started my event services company 5 years ago as a side business. It started with just hair feathers. As the feather trend began to go out of style, I had to quickly find a new party service concept or go out of business. Well…one new idea became two and two became several. Vita Perfetta quickly became such a fun way to blend my creativity and social side, and I fell in love with it! I’ve always known that I wanted to do something that could give me free reign to constantly come up with creative new things. I never expected that the dream to become Vita Perfetta, but I’m so glad it did.

KM: What does a typical day in your life look like? 

SE: A typical day in my life always starts with kisses from my doggies Cabo and Rome and a strong cup of coffee. I usually spend most of the day working with planners to come up with the perfect combination of services for their specific event. Then, there is the occasional meeting with members of my staff to exchange supplies and brainstorm new services.


screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-47-20-pm KM: What are some of the most unique things you’ve incorporated into your events? 

SE: We’ve done custom dream catchers for a boho themed party, Pancake Art as an early morning party service following a slumber party, and bath bombs at a very girly bat mitzvah.



KM: What is the most memorable event you’ve produced so far? 

SE: We did a huge celebrity fundraiser for childhood AIDS in Culver City this year that was amazing! The décor, the guests, and the entertainment was amazing. We offered several services including custom goodie bags, face painting, fashion eyelashes, hair chalk coloring, and a full island themed party favor table. We listened to live music from top billboard artists and met some of our favorite stars all for an amazing cause. It was truly a memorable day!



KM: How do you stay on top of the trends for activities? How do you know what each client needs, instinct? 

SE: I’m always in craft stores and checking out the trends on social media for inspiration. Usually when I’m talking to a client, I start by giving them a few options. Based on the option they like most, I can tell the type of services that will be perfect for their unique event.


KM: Curating exclusive and creative options must be hard, can you tell us where you get your inspiration?

SE: I usually find that the things I like to do most can be transformed into a fun party service that people will love. I love getting my nails done, so why not have a glamorous nail bar as a party service? Hair braiding is so beautiful and it’s always evolving so it’s natural to want to create a fun service around it. It’s the best way to keep our services fresh and new.

KM: How do you incorporate style into your events? 

SE: Style is as unique as a fingerprint and that’s why we design our services to be truly customizable. When a party guest receives a party favor that has been created based on their own personal taste and personality, they take home a valuable gift and a great memory.


KM: Where do you find your style inspiration? 

SE: Usually my closet! Also, just people walking down the street and photos in some of my favorite style magazines.

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-45-27-pmKM: What is the biggest trend in event planning today? 

SE: One of the biggest trends is incorporating technology and social media in party entertainment.

KM: What do you foresee as being the next big thing? 

SE: We’ve updated our photo booth service to incorporate the new selfie culture and connect it with live social media interaction. It’s called the iCube and it will definitely be the next big thing in amazing events!

KM: Tell us about your Krome Body tattoo designs! 

SE: Krome Body is my creative outlet when it comes to design. I design the metallic tattoos myself and am always creating new artwork. I incorporate bright colors, changing seasons, and current trends in my art. It started with metallic tattoos styled to look like jewelry, and has evolved into a way for party guests to express their personal style in the form of body art.

KM: If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice at the onset of your career, what would it be? 

SE: I’d tell myself to always trust my first instinct, and to be ready for a really fun time!

For Fun:

KM: Describe your personal style. 

SE: My personal style is very funky and natural, but with bright pops of color. I like things that look stylish but are very effortless.

KM: Favorite vacation spot? 

SE: Definitely Italy

KM: What do you think of 

SE: I think it’s amazing. The “mini-models” could go head to head with any top model with these editorial photos! It’s such a cool idea and the kids are too cute.


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