Naaya by Moonlight x Chaandni Singh

Peek-A-Boo!!! Mini-Maven cuddles up with Naaya by Moonlight’s stunning decor collection! We just can’t get enough of this stylish, adorable children’s line, with its cozy natural quilts & soft pajamas designed by the queen of serene Chaandni Singh. Named after her son, Ayaan, Chaandni shares with us her love for design, keeping a clear mind, and all things baby! With her staple animal motifs ranging from giraffes, elephants, whales and more, Naaya by Moonlight will add a gentle and calming sparkle into your child’s world daily. This fall Naaya by Moonlight will introduce new motifs as well as a few surprises along the way! We can’t wait!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: What inspired the name Naaya by Moonlight?

CHAANDNI SINGH: I decided on the name when my son, Ayaan, was born and my design concept began to coagulate. “Naaya” is Ayaan’s name spelled in reverse and Chaandni means, “moonlight” in Sanskrit.

KM: What motivated you to get involved in the world of children’s gifts?

CS: I always aspired to develop my own line of quilts, but in 2009 when my son was born, I was inspired by the world of baby. I moved forward and began to research manufacturers in India to create a child quilt collection. With years in the making, the company officially launched in 2013 and we haven’t looked back.


KM: What is your brand’s mission statement and goal?

CS: To create a luxury classic collection of essentials that’s both beautiful and natural for little ones.

KM: Walk us through your creative process? What’s a day like in the life of Chaandni Singh?

CS: In terms of the creative process, I think it is essential to keep up on the current color and design trends. At times, a great part of my day is spent researching on what is the next to come in the home décor space.

Every day is different, which is great when it comes to running your own business. Because I am involved in all aspects of the company from design to relationships with my buyers and everything in between- no day is ever like the previous one.


KM: Do you have any tips on how to have a clear head and keep the creativity flowing while balancing your day-to-day life?

CS: Always work with a clean space, which is key to clear thinking. I personally love to listen to soothing music and burn incense. It clears the energy and gets the creative mind flowing.

KM: Do you have a favorite design from your collection?

CS: Every design has a really special place in my heart; I love each one for what they are. They all have their own beauty.


KM: Any hints on what’s to come next?

CS: We are very excited about the launch of Fall 2015- we will be introducing two new animal designs, the grey hippo and green turtle in addition to a re-vamped cozy organic pajama design and a couple other surprises.

KM: Do you have plans to open a brick and mortar store?

CS: At this time, personally, I am enjoying the online aspect; it allows me to spend time with my family. However, I strive to grow our presence across the country by placing product in fine specialty boutiques. As for our own brick and mortar store… you never know what the future brings.


KM: What inspires your decor?

CS: Definitely shapes and colors.  My inspiration also comes from what is out there, what is happening. I always like to ask expecting and new moms what they want to see when it comes to their décor needs.

KM: We love your animal motifs; will there be others in your next collection?

CS: Yes, we will be introducing a grey hippo and a green turtle!

KM: Why Owls?

CS: The owls started when I attended my friend’s owl themed baby shower years ago. At this time these amazing animals weren’t the norm, but I found them absolutely stunning and wise and immediately used them as part of my animal motif collection.


KM: Why Elephants?

CS: I love elephants and what they mean symbolically- strength, loyalty, divinity and good luck. They are such gentle giants… AND vegetarian, which is a bonus!

KM: Where are you located, your headquarters, do you have a design team or is it just you?

CS: I am located in Manhattan and I handle all design aspects from start to finish.


For Fun:

KM: Favorite gift you’ve ever received?

CS: Anything my son has ever made for me.

KM: Favorite season and why?

CS: Spring. This transitional season brings out the life in everything and everyone especially in New York City.  It sparks rejuvenation.

KM: Favorite vacation spot?

CS: Mexico! The food, the beaches and the people.

KM: Favorite style decade?

CS: I would say the late Victorian era of La Belle Époque. Specifically, the extravagant gowns made of lace, beading and lavish embroidery. Simply breathtaking!


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