Nicole Neves

Meet Nicole Neves, she is a ray of sunshine living in a world of Superheroes! After 15 years in the corporate world, this Mom Maven has hit the ground running and has taken on the challenge of freelance life and parenting all with great finesse. With the support of  like-minded mom groups, her culinary savvy hubby and her two sons, A.K.A the #nevesbros. She shares some insights on staying grounded in the crazy world of event planning and PR. Plus, some inside tips on multi tasking.


MINI MAVEN: How do you juggle your career as founder of Sequin productions, with being a mom to two young, adorable little boys and Wife to Dad Beets?

NICOLE NEVES: This is probably my biggest issue as a freelancer. I want to be able to network and socialize with press, influencers and potential clients, but I also need dedicated office days to get work done. Balancing the crazy schedule of my two toddler boys, me time, and a few date nights with my husband is an endless exercise in multitasking.There are days where I feel like 24 hours just isn’t enough and needless to say, it’s hard to do it all. It’s been a gradual process, but I try to make strides every day when it comes to both time management and prioritization.

MM: You were the head of PR for denim giant Guess for over a decade. Was the transition difficult when you decided to go out on your own?

NN: I knew I’d have to hustle when I decided to start by own business. I knew it would be a grind. But, having done the same thing in the corporate world for more than 15 years, I felt like I was prepared and ready to hit the ground running. A few of my brands are relatively new and don’t have big budgets, so I really have to hustle to get them great press. This means utilizing my previous contacts and pushing for them to still support me, plus my clients.

MM: Any Tips on Social Media Safety? Do you worry about your kids on IG? How do you handle the exposure?

NN: I never tag where I am in real time. I love how IG has created a virtual photo book for my kids. I barely have any photos of me as a kid or with my family. And our family that lives far away feels like they are able to watch the boys grow up through IG.

MM: Tell us about your world within social media and the impact it has made on your life? How do you implement social media into your work?

NN: “Social Media is an amazing way for entrepreneurs to spread the word about their services or products. It’s the new form of advertising for businesses.” After I gave my notice at my corporate job, I contacted past colleagues, vendors and friends to let them know about my new business. I posted on all my Social media platforms about my new career move, which really gave me a lot of leads for current clients. I chose Sequin Productions because my Instagram handle is @MySequinLife and I knew I wanted to utilize my Instagram audience to get the word out about my business and the clients I’m working with on events and projects. I’ve also made a conscious effort to push myself to get out there and show what I can do for my clients on Social Media. You really have to work at it and sell yourself to potential clients, and be persistent.

MM: Any Tips for Social Media Safety? Do you worry about your kids on Instagram?

NN: First, I never tag where I am in real time. I love how IG has created a virtual photo book for my kids that can be shared in real time with my family and friends that live far away. I barely have any photos of me as a kid or with my family so being able to have this is amazing.

MM: Tell us about your ties to Hey Mama Co. and Fashion Mamas!

NN: Both mama groups are amazing at guiding and connecting like-minded mamas. They have inspired me to believe in myself and that it is okay to try and have it all as a mother and entrepreneur. I’m beyond thankful for both groups.

MM: Describe the mom that you admire.

NN: It’s hard to single out a few moms…there are so many that I admire in my life. My first admiration of moms started with my own mom. She had me at seventeen and worked so hard to give me a beautiful life and show me the true meaning of unconditional LOVE. Overall I admire moms who inspire and support other moms. When we all support each other, magic happens!

MM: You have your hands in a lot of projects! Tell us about your philanthropic endeavors and goals for 2018.

NN: My philanthropy endeavors are really focused on charities that involve moms and children. The two I work with now are Alliance of Moms and Baby2Baby. I love to connect the brands I work with to help my philanthropic endeavors too.

MM: How has travel kept you inspired? Where do you like to go? Favorite place?

NN: I feel travel inspires me through the beauty of each place, meeting new people, experience different cultures and motivates me to learn more. My Favorite places are Spain, Italy, Greece and Mexico.

MM: Some favorite brands for boys?

NN: Zara, Nununu, Cotton ON, GUESS Kids

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