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It has a been a whirlwind this Fall/Winter Season as The Iconic Issue led us into our 2nd printed edition featuring Nikolia Kidswear brand! The darling brand took over our cover story “Airstream Clubhouse”, which was photographed by our founder Kymberly Marciano with ease and styled by the lovely Veronica Alvericci! Mini Maven was thrilled to unveil this mysterious brand which revels in a land of dreams. With garments of unique styles, construction and shapes, keeping future in mind, designer and founder Ruta Elkimavcuite shares her passions and visions for whats next on the scene! Nikolia is just getting started and we are all eyes on for Spring ’17!

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: What does the Nikolia Kid brand represent?

RUTA ELKIMAVICIUTE: Nikolia is like a mysterious land where I can move myself whenever I want. I can imagine myself being a child with plenty of dreams and imaginary friends. In Nikolia land kids are dressed in dreams. They do not have to worry about anything just live in absolute happiness of play, love and freedom. Kids love to create emotionally and with so much ease. We do too. No routine. No rules. Just creativity, art and beauty. Its not that we try to represent something. We just live in Nikolia.


KM: How and when did you decide to launch Nikolia? Do you have any children? If so, how do they play a role in your design process?

RE: When my son was born I could not dress him in mass garments. That was not for me. Nikolia became true when I said to myself that I can create for other people too. I used to design for myself from my childhood. But never for others. And my boy gave me potential and confidence in myself to free up my creativity and believe that this could be on offer for other children too.


KM: How does style and creativity play into your professional life and brand?How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?

RE: To describe aesthetic of the brand means to describe my own life. Very personal thing 🙂 but I will do my best to.

I truly believe that creativity is the play with  intelligence. Yes, I can see garments while eating pasta or sharpening the pencil. But the intelligence is needed to transform the silhouette of music instrument to garment detail and this is what I am proud about myself. I can do it. And I loooove the challenge of reckoning it and modeling. This is Nikolia’s strongest feature. It took time to confide. Not only time in fact. We almost quit few seasons ago and this worst moment in our brand story happened just before the sharp rise. For now we give all power to stay artful and complicated. Sounds strange but it’s true. Nikolia kids are real personalities. It’s not about comfort (although we do our best to make clothes easy moving) it’s about style and beauty. We believe that beauty is the greatest inspiration for the world to stay positive and peaceful. Beauty and art make people think good way.


KM: What are your favorite pieces from your aw16 collection, and why?

RE: My favorite pieces from  aw16 are its Crumpled shirt and Queen skirt. I remember exactly how I drew them. The skirt was inspired by stairs and by movie Interstellar. Just wanted to change dimensions that are usual for our eyes.. And the shirt is so me. I am elegant as classic shirt but always willing to damage that neat image and make a little surprise 🙂


KM: How do you stand out from your competitors?

RE: That is easy. Very few brands want to make that complicated outfits… Cause the real headache is to find the seweries that are capable to make them real.  We try not to follow other brands.  Just few that we admire. Better follow people that have distinctive style and free soul.

In fact we’ve chosen the most difficult way as artful clothing is not so easy to sell although so many people admire it. Anyway we are so happy in our wonderland that would not admit any chance for a change.


KM: Share one of your most memorable experiences with Nikolia!

RE: Every season when we go to the shows with my partner Ieva we have the greatest time together. During the show we listen to appraise and that makes us smile. After the show we drink a glass of wine, listen to the music and dance insanely. These moments make Nikolia sun shine bright!


KM: What’s next for Nikolia?

RE: We have some plans how to involve more people in our kind of style. This will hopefully happen in SS18. Stay tuned 🙂 And for upcoming season we are creating a poem.  Its still a secret although I want to shout it out loudly..


For Fun:

KM: What are your 3 must-have pieces for fall?

RE: Velvet dress or skirt, ultra heavy boots and a pleated skirt. Or feathered dress. Or shiny one. Or white shirt… Oh no. It’s endless… 🙁

KM: What do you think about

RE: OK, where to start? :).. First I love the communication with you. I can not imagine how you manage to control everything. Email by yourself, shoot by yourself, edit, plant the next issue and complete the ongoing one at a time. And the most wonderful that you not just do it – you make it perfect. I love all the faces of mini-maven. The comfort zone and and inspiration posts absolutely! When I want to have a good dose of what’s going on in planet Earth to children I come up to

Also appreciate so much the support you give to new brands and to Nikolia too! This is very important for startups.

KM: Are you inspired by travel? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

RE: Traveling is my life goal. Would love to spend my life in an Airstream going all around the world! I know this will happen some day 🙂

Talking about the places I can not name one or two. So many beautiful sceneries have not been seen yet..

But what I am sure of is that the most desired journey would be the one of time. I would love to visit the future. I am obsessed with things that could happen if people were just a little bit more intelligent and cooperative. Do you think this will happen some day?


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