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Born in Spain and now hailing all the way from Australia, Nothing but Amor designer Sara Rodriguez is on a mission to help kids feel good about being themselves! This stylish mom on the scene is inspired by street fashion and function worldwide, adds pockets, zippers and quirky details to her new FW16 Collection and notes ” it will offer a trans Seasonal range!” Get to know Sara as she shares with us the insides and outs as a designer and mother! We are digging it!


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: Why did you launch Nothing But Amor Apparel?

SARA RODRIGUEZ: Having my son really inspired me. It was the first time I had entered the world of children’s fashion and like many others, I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to be part of it and wanted to contribute something new and original. I feel like it really helped me transition into parenthood, at the same time I was able to meet so many amazing people (mostly like minded mothers who are my great friends now).

KM: Any previous experience in the fashion world?

SR: Not at all. I studied aviation, and I assumed my career path was set until I had my son, then everything changed.


KM: How have you made your brand stand out in the increasingly growing market of children’s fashion?

SR: I think one of the most important things is to be focused on originality and always try to stand out with an edge to your designs. My collections are mostly unisex, I always use the best fabric and classic colours that the kids will be able to wear for years (in case little siblings come along).

KM: Do your children play a role in the development of your designs? How have they inspired your brand?

SR: Yes, they really do. As a mum I always look for pieces that are easy to wear, and different styles, to separate them from the rest, that’s why I chose to make limited edition collections.


KM: What are some other sources of inspiration for your collections?

SR: I want to bring a different concept of fashion, whilst still letting the kids be kids, making fashion something fun and enjoyable for them.

KM: Tell us about your collection for AW16!

SR: I have put so much enthusiasm, passion and heart in this collection, there have also been a few headaches, but all worth it. By adding pockets, zippers and other quirky extras that you will see in my new collection helps kids to take ownership of their look, they can add their own style and feel like “one of the grownups” at the same time.


KM: How did you come up with your concept for this collection?

SR: I found fresh outfit ideas checking out the street style at fashion weeks around the world.

KM: What are the highlights of your AW16 collection? Any must-have pieces?

SR: I am currently working on my new AW16 collection, this one is going to be a very special one, I am making a trans seasonal range, so all the kids around the world, no matter the season, can wear it.


KM: How do your collections reflect the magic of childhood?

SR: I feel like the best part of the magic of childhood is owning who you are. There is so much creativity in children’s lives. This reflects so beautifully in the designs of their clothes, their freedom to play with colour and shapes in a way that cant be done in adult designing. As long as they are wearing something that makes them feel confident to be who they are, then my designs have done exactly what I intended for them – helping kids to feel good about being themselves.

KM: What is the most important thing to consider when designing for children?

SR: Being comfortable, and looking cool at the same time, you have to appeal to the parents as they are the ones buying it after all.


KM: Is there a big difference in kids fashion between the Canary Islands, where you are from, and Australia?

SR: Yes, a big difference, trends take so long to get there, here in Australia people are more experimental with what they wear.

KM: Why do you think parents are increasingly more interested in what their children are wearing?

SR: I think they have always been interested but our lives are so increasingly busy, its difficult to have the time to go shopping let alone take the kids with you. Now thanks to online shopping, Instagram (a great source of inspiration) and online magazines like mini-maven, it makes our jobs as parents/kids stylists, much easier. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home in between all those tedious tasks.


KM: How does it feel when you see a child wearing Nothing But Amor Apparel?

SR: I love seeing my ideas come to life, and getting positive feedback from my customers, its what makes me keep going.

KM: What is next for Nothing But Amor Apparel?

SR: I love a challenge, and I am open to whatever comes my way. Hopefully my hard work pays off and I am able to expand in the way I have dreamed of.

KM: Any predictions for the future of children’s fashion?

SR: I think it is just going to grow exponentially. There is such a huge market around it with all forms of media getting on board. If your children are not already out dressing you I am sure they will be very soon!


For Fun:

KM: What is your favorite memory from childhood?

SR: I used to play shops with my little sister, selling my mums old clothes at the front of our house.

KM: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

SR: I live in Australia so I would love to fly to Spain to visit family and friends,

KM: Why did you choose a profession in kids fashion?

SR: All started when my son was born, he has been my motivation, I used to love designs for adults, but couldn’t find them in kids sizes, so I decided to design them myself! I also think that there can be a lot more creativity in children’s fashion.


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