Num Noms Recap

Mom Maven Tiffani Thiessen hosted the Num Noms Series 4 Event along with friends Mario Lopez, Courtney Mazza, Ian Ziering and their families at Au Fudge this past weekend! The scented food-themed Num Nom characters from the Series 4 toy collection took center stage with all new menu items, including cookies, pies, pasta and more! Guests decorated lunch boxes with stickers and Num Nom crowns and made their very own nail polish creations! It was a family affair, complete with Light Series Mystery Packs, Surprise in a Jar, and delicious food! Attendees were treated with beauty surprises and Num Nom inspired donuts, custom made by California Donuts! And of course, the minis left with backpacks filled with goodies from the new launch! The Num Noms mystery packs, filled with all new surprises to collect and trade, as well as the scented nail polish and glitter lip gloss are now available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Amazon!