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Meet Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious and now One Potato – a family-friendly meal delivery service that delivers organic, non-GMO seasonal produce straight to your door. Their ingredients are sourced from the country’s top farms and they only use recycle-able and reusable packaging. Plus, all ingredients arrive pre-chopped and pre-measured, and meals are ready in 30 minutes or less leaving you more quality time to spend with the kids! Visit to get started.

MINI MAVEN: What is the most challenging part of good nutrition in todays world?

CATHERINE MCCORD: There’s so much variety in the US it can be challenging to make the right choice to eat the foods are bodies need most. Real, whole foods like fruits and vegetables and nutrient dense proteins and carbohydrates.

MM: What do you feel kids want in a snack?

CM: Most kids will go generally go for salty, sugary snacks, but when we offer them a variety of healthy choices it can be a major win for everyone. When my kids come home from school or have after school activities I offer them cut up fruits, raw vegetables with hummus, popcorn with nutritional yeast, nuts, toasted seeds or a smoothie to make sure they’re bodies are getting the fuel they need to keep going.

MM: How can parents plan healthier meals on the go?

CM: Start by picking containers your kids love. If your child is into soup or warmer foods invest in a thermos. I have stainless steal boxes with two compartments that I add cheese, crackers, pretzels, trail mix, carrots, bell peppers, healthy muffins or even pancakes turned into sandwiches with nut or seed butter inside.

MM: What 3 pieces of advice would you give to families who struggle to get kids to eat healthy?

CM: There are endless tips to getting your kids to eat better. Start by shopping together. Pick out new foods to try, look them up online to understand how they’re grown and their nutritional value, then take them home and cook with them. Plant something in your garden or in a pot in your kitchen. Nurture it and when it grows cook something with it like fresh basil turned into pesto. Most important make eating healthy foods fun. Be silly with your kids when trying new foods and let them see you enjoying them. Kids look up to their parents and will parrot your behavior so make it fun!

MM: Why One Potato, how is it different than other food delivery services?

CM: One Potato is an organic family friendly meal delivery company. One Potato was created for busy families who want to eat organic foods that has tons of flavor, but isn’t too fussy or kid like. The meals take 12-30 minutes to prepare, we have adult and child pricing and everything from omnivore to vegetarian, nut and gluten free choices week to week. Most of our meals are DIY so everyone can create the meal they want to eat cutting out the food battles.

MM: Does Fast, Fresh and Easy work?

CM: 100%! Weelicious and One Potato were created to offer fast, fresh and easy recipes for the entire family no matter your age. When we cook simple foods and learn to love their natural flavors the entire feeding and eating process becomes much easier start to finish.

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