Pamelyn Rocco

Pamelyn Rocco is our go-to DIY mama & the founder of popular event and styling company Bashery & Co. Her mission is simple, “Provide fresh inspiring ideas for all to enjoy!” With a keen eye for style and a lot of natural charm, this Mom Maven has an endless vision and is committed to bringing the fun. Pamelyn’s passion, creativity and organization does not stop there. It has led her to success as she executes her client’s visions with customized content creation. Finding inspiration from various avenues like social media, magazines, runways, and window displays, her little secret is she keeps a notebook next to her bed to jot down any ideas that come to mind. Pamelyn revels in her true passion, Throwing a Partay! Now if that wasn’t enough, this mama also has a heart of gold and just launched, “The Bashery Project” –  the charity arm to her brand. She intends to provide a day of joy and happiness, bringing a lifetime of memories to deserving children with fun and extraordinary parties. Pamelyn’s best advice when planning a party is to keep it simple! 

MINI MAVEN: How did you get into the business of event planning? Is it something you always wanted to pursue?

PAMELYN: As a young girl I knew this is what I wanted to do. I come from a large family that likes to throw parties.

I remember one year I counted how many parties my Gramma hosted that year and it was over 100!

MM: What skills do you think are most important when it comes to planning events?

P: Creativity, organization and passion.

MM: What is the most memorable event you’ve produced to date?

P: That’s a tough one! There have been so many good ones but probably my weddings. I had three weddings, 3 Saturdays in a row and I planned them all myself. The first one being our ceremony in Bora Bora, followed by a cocktail party in Los Angeles and then a formal reception in Pittsburgh where I’m from.

MM: What is the biggest trend in event styling for kids? And what is the next big thing?

P: People always ask me that, and there are definitely trends but I don’t look that much into them. I think the biggest is taking a simple object and making it into a theme. For example, a cactus or a pineapple. I really just do my own thing though and try not to do what everyone else is doing all the time.

MM: How would you describe your Spring / Summer event style?

P: A lot of the time I am bringing someone else’s vision to life but if it were up to me it would be a ton of wildflowers and kids running around bare feet under string lights with lite bites and refreshing cocktails.

MM: What lessons have you learned from parties that turned out well – and not so well?

P: It is really really easy to go over budget so I think being realistic and upfront with clients on their vision vs. reality is very important.

MM: What is the most exciting part of styling an event?

P: For me it is conceptualizing the event, I could do that all day long. Thinking of creative ideas to complete the vision is my favorite part.

MM: Tell us about the Bashery Project and what you hope to bring families and children?

P: The Bashery Project is the charity arm of Bashery & Co. My goal is to provide a day of joy to a child going through a hardship, or a parent and sibling who may not have been able to celebrate. I want to bring happiness and a lifetime of memories to deserving children one party at a time.

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