Progeny NYC

Progeny NYC is paving the way for a new market in children’s fashion! The stylish up-and-coming brand, established in the summer of 2017 by Andries de Villiers and his wife Juliana, creates luxury wrist wear for children that is built to last for generations. Every Progeny model incorporates the finest in adult watchmaking materials and is created to handle the active lifestyle of a child. Their timepieces are a beneficial accessory for children and their parents who want to promote time awareness. These stylish precision instruments keep busy kids on schedule and look great too!

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MINI MAVEN: When and how did Progeny come about?

PROGENY: Progeny was born in the summer of 2017. As proud parents of two beautiful children with a third on the way, we looked at the world surrounding our kids and realized many of the life lessons we learned as a child were missing in today’s digitally-distracted culture.

The only lasting gift from childhood is my grandfather’s pocket watch, presented to me by my father. The instrument of a watch strengthens many of the skills we wanted to develop in our children, such as time awareness, responsibility, and structure.

MINI MAVEN: Why did you chose the name Progeny?

PROGENY: Progeny, as defined in the dictionary, literally means a “descendant” or “child”. Progeny watches are made for kids, yet built to last for generations. Additionally, the third syllable in Progeny is “NY”. As a New York company this sealed the deal for us!

MINI MAVEN: Can you walk us through your design process, from start to finish?

PROGENY: As a couple, we are extremely passionate about watches, and have an extensive collection. It was important that every Progeny model incorporates the finest in adult watchmaking materials. The primary goal is to create a timepiece that can handle the active lifestyle of a child, yet look as striking as their parents’ favorite watch. When a young time teller is ready to graduate to an adult brand, they can pass down their Progeny watch to siblings, friends, or relatives!

All of our designs are original from start to finish, which requires significant trial and error to ensure every aspect of the watch works together in concert. As soon as we receive a prototype, we put the watch through extensive “real world” testing. If our energetic four-year-old can break it, it’s not ready for production. We often make minor changes to design, such as softening an edge, or modifying the strap and dial color.

The final stage of production is a thorough quality and compliance inspection. Any product intended for a customer under the age of twelve is strictly regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), among other governing bodies.

MINI MAVEN: Do your kids play a role in designing your beautiful timepieces?

PROGENY: Kids are never shy with their opinions, so we always make sure to prioritize their input. Obsessed with looking older and sophisticated, every watch is a reflection of their desire to be as distinguished as their parents.

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your line of eyewear!

PROGENY: It’s in super-secret development, so stay tuned for our full line of accessories that reflect the quality and mission of Progeny.

MINI MAVEN: How did you initially get the message about Progeny out, and has that changed since you’ve grown?

PROGENY: Progeny is a new brand and also defines an entirely new category. While the luxury children’s wear market is over $6 billion, the category of watches simply doesn’t exist. For reference, the adult luxury goods market is over $325 billion, with watches totaling $87 billion, or roughly 27% of the market. Therefore, we are dedicating most of our time to building the category as opposed to marketing the brand.

MINI MAVEN: Any new and exciting ventures for Progeny in the future?

PROGENY: Beyond launching the brand, we are already setting our sights towards exciting partnerships with exotic strap craftsmen, as well as fine jewelers to introduce bespoke options for watch finishing. One of our most exciting customizations includes replacing the hour numerals with birthstones.


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