Vancouver Kids Fashion Week Recap!

How about a little fashion forecast to start off the week with our recap from Vancouver Kids Fashion Week! In their third season and a focus on some darling brands,  We are highlighting a few designers starting with VonBon and Os & Oakes. Vonbon’s casual but hip collection featured soft colors, plaid, and beanies, all made with the softest organic fabrics. Os & Oakes’s unisex clothing included highlighted bamboo fabrics, stripes, black and white patterns, and design patches making for cool and laid back styles.

The second day of Fashion Week hosted more of our favorite designers like Jax & Lennon, Mayoral, and Lil Haven. Jax & Lennon began the day with the perfect comfort clothes for the minis, full of pastel colors and some florals. Mayoral showcased a chic collection including metallic jackets, skirts, and fur vests. Finally, Lil Haven’s classic collection featured earthy colors, overalls, and eco-friendly fabrics once again. Some sweet things are co ming your way this Spring! 

VonBon SS18


Os And Oakes SS18 

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your SS18 collection, what is the inspiration or theme? 

ERIKA OAKES: Our spring summer  line is a collection of our best basic pieces in combination with new summer staple items. The goal of our brand is to create a well rounded interchangeable line of clothing that little ones can mix and match all year round. Monochrome and neutral colour tones are what we tend to lean towards with a pop of colour or stripes here and there! We continue to use our sustainably sourced and ultra-soft bamboo fabric that is extremely comfortable and easy for little ones to play and explore in!  We are definitely inspired by movement and comfort, but feel you can still look fashionable while doing so, thus our tailored fit , long rounded tees, arm patches and cutouts are some of the trendy details we always include. 

MM: Do your two boys play a part in your brand, do they contribute to the design process? 

EO: Yes, absolutely! Both boys never complain about putting on Os & Oakes clothing, they love the soft fabrics and often request to wear the leggings every day!   Our fun and unique ostrich logo or classic arm-patches are little details that the boys  love to point out. We try to create a simple and cute look without being too over the top “kiddish” in terms of style. Both of my boys are currently loving the new hoodie (always worn with the hood up- I think they feel it’s like a cape or something). If my boys wouldn’t wear it, then I wouldn’t want to sell it to other parents. 

MM: What is the most important thing to consider when designing for children?

EO: There are so many factors to think about when designing for children, but to us comfort and wearability are some of the most important considerations. Our bamboo fabric is not only more sustainable for the environment, but is also a fabric that is well known for its durability and hypo allergenic  properties. 

Also, we want to create clothing that kids can wear often and  pieces that are compatible with many other items throughout a little ones wardrobe. Much of our clothing is unisex in colour & style, which allows our many of our items to be passed down to siblings regardless of gender. 

MM: What developments in today’s world have influenced your brand? 

EO: Keeping our manufacturing and production local (and within Canada)  is a very important value to our brand. Today’s consumers are bombarded by choices (especially in terms of clothing) and we aim to provide an option for parents, as conscious consumers, who want to know where there clothing is made and that the people making it are provided with a fair and equitable wage. We also want to provide children with clothing made of quality fabrics that do not contain harmful chemicals and are not made in harsh or unethical working conditions. 


Mayoral SS18

MINI MAVEN: Tell us about your SS18 collection. What is the theme/inspiration?

MAYORAL: Mayoral prides itself in designing high quality, versatile pieces bursting with personality and fun, for boys and girls aged 0 to 16 years.

MM: What are your favorite pieces from your debut collection, and why?

MAYORAL: This swirly grey synthetic fur vest is a fabulous addition to your young lady’s wardrobe this season. Popper fastenings on the front.  As well as making many outings to parties and fancy locations, it will bring a swish of glamour to everything she wears with it.

MM: What does the Mayoral brand represent to consumers?

MAYORAL: In 2011, Mayoral celebrated 75 years of “making friends”. Throughout its history, you can discover thousands of stories, key moments, and decisions that have set our course… The most curious aspects are in its origins: what began as a modest company dedicated to the production and commercialization of socks and tights (‘Domínguez Toledo” in 1941), now has become a large group with international recognition and is an icon of Spanish fashion worldwide.

The company has been operated by the same family since its origin, to ensure that the principles that guide the progress of the brand are focused on ethics and social responsibility. Our slogan, “making friends” has been, and still is, a fundamental part of Mayoral’s philosophy, paving the way for a company that bases its success on quality and fashion at its finest.

MM: Where can our readers shop the Mayoral brand?



Lil Haven SS18


Jax & Lennon SS18



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