Wolf of Wellness

Meet Leah Hearst, Founder of The Wolf of Wellness concierge therapy and wellness center. A new mother, Leah has deeply integrated her son into her health and wellness program with baby acupressure, baby physical therapy, and baby yoga. Her business offers customized wellness subscriptions with goal setting and daily check-ins for prenatal and postpartum mamas. This allows wellness to be virtual and accessible to all walks of life. She specializes in physical rehabilitation, yoga, and wellness subscriptions. Visit www.thewolfofwellness.com to learn more. 

MINI MAVEN: How do you reach youth?

LEAH HEARST: I primarily reach youth through personal references. But also through community groups in San Francisco.

What advice do you have for parents who are looking for help? Communicate with friends that you are looking into specific wellness opportunities for your kids. Also, any type of childcare professional that works with your kids can practice yoga or meditation with them.

MM: How do you teach mindfulness to a child?

LH: This is so fun! I like to do a simple mindful breathing exercise that I learned from the SF zen center. Get two bowls, and fill one with small smooth stones. Teach the child to inhale, pick up one stone and move it to the other bowl, then exhale. Inhale, and pickup the next stone and exhale while moving it to the other bowl. It’s a simple breath guided movement that seems to bring a calm awareness for kids. Sitting still in formal meditation has always been a huge challenge for many people.

MM: Thoughts on yoga and benefits for children?

LH: I enjoy yoga with my baby everyday, it’s a fun way for us to spend time together, and he loves the close attention he gets during it. Yoga is absolutely helpful for body awareness, balance, upper body strength, and coordination for kids.


MM: Meditation is not easy for kids, what approach do you use?

LH: See the stone activity above! (Photo by Suzy Raskin Photography)


MM: How important is mindfulness with kids today?

LH: Mindfulness helps kids become comfortable in their own skin. It helps them to be comfortable with calmness, and to notice their breath much more.

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